An Open Letter to Industry Members

To my friends in the industry:

I spent a good deal of time in the last few days with a young woman named Jessie Margolis who presents herself as working on a project for her Masters degree titled “Working Toward A More Sustainable Dry Cleaning Industry In North Carolina.”

This project which is sponsored by The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and others, consists of a questionnaire for owner/operators of Dry Cleaning Businesses and a second one for the general public who may or may not be customers.

Ms. Margolis came to my to my home to discuss the origin and history of the DSCA program. She had previously asked to be on the Association agenda at the last Board of Directors meeting but scheduling did not work. However, the committee headed by Chris Edwards reviewed her project and recommended that the Board of Directors not endorse her study.

Here are more details and my opinion.

1. Her grammar would fail most middle school English classes.

2. There is a disclaimer at the end of the questions for the public that says, “Perc may or may not have an impact on human health depending upon the exposure amount (or dose), time period (or duration) and a host of other factors. Thus, it is my hope that this interview does not cause you to make any conclusions about your exposure to perc and how it may affect your health.” On an earlier question she states, “Perc is likely to cause harm to human and environmental health.”

3. There are repeated leading statements before a question. No responsible data collection method would permit such prejudicial methods.

4. To operators, “Does your store release perc into the environment?” No amount is listed. If you answer no, you would have a hard time proving it, if yes, how do you think her sponsors at Blue Ridge would react? And if, as she suggested to me, you could just skip the question, it would be like taking the 5th. And keep in mind she wants to tape record all of these interviews.

Bottom line. I refused to take part. I do not believe the methods are of professional quality or can be useful to improvements in the industry. In addition the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources is doing an update of the study done in 2001 to look at machinery, solvents and related data. NCALC is participating in that study. This questionable “study” could confuse and diminish the good work done by the industry and the state.

You are, of course, free to do whatever you want. However, I would be irresponsible to each of you if I did not share my conclusion to not participate in any way. You can reach me at 910 485-7203, or

Denny Shaffer

Denny Shaffer is a nationally known environmentalist, having served as a national officer of the Sierra Club for 26 years,including two terms as President. He received the Governors Award in 1983 and the Order of the Long Leaf Pine in 2001 for his service to the people of North Carolina. He has also been in the dry cleaning business in Fayetteville since 1954 and served on the NCALC Board of Directors for many years. He played a key role in the development and establishment of the Dry-cleaning Solvent Cleanup Act (DSCA) Program and has served on the program’s Stakeholders Group since its inception.

President's Message


“Summer time and the living is easy”, unless of course, you are in the dry cleaning industry. The plant gets hot, pieces fall off and cash flow tightens. Now if you had been at our Convention over Memorial Day weekend you may have picked up a few ideas, I know I did. From a very informative seminar on social media opportunities to pool side chat among friends, new and exciting ideas were plentiful. There were also fantastic seminars on credit card processing regulations, how to handle a government inspection as well as updates from DLI’s President, Dry clean Dave and CEO Bill Fisher. You would have also been there for my induction as your new President. If you were there, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I and my family did.

As we move into the summer, we here at NCALC encourage you to step back and take a long hard look at your business. Are you making a concerted effort to update your operation? There is a ton of modern equipment out there just waiting to be installed in your plant! Wet cleaning isn’t so scary after all, but you need the right equipment to handle it. The finishing equipment needed to properly process wet cleaning is also quite user friendly allowing for faster training and comparable production. Improvements to wet and dry cleaning machines are coming to the marketplace at a rapid pace; POS systems now integrate with assembly and bagging systems as well as video and charge cards. All of these come at a price but... they may be advantageous to your operation. You won’t know unless you ask and if you’re asking be sure to talk with the allied trades that support your NCALC.

On the DSCA front, there seems to be some action on enforcement. We have heard of a few NOV’s and the department appears to now have interest in inspecting petroleum and hydrocarbon plants of late. Not sure about the other alternative solvents but we’ll keep you posted as we hear about them. Vapor intrusion at collocated facilities is now getting some attention as well. Should this issue be raised in your plant be sure to get sound advice before you start throwing money at it. There are very miniscule standards being alluded to but great confusion as to whom the regulatory jurisdiction falls. A few clean ups are underway and a few more that will hopefully begin soon. We are aware of ___ “no further action” letters. Please keep the pressure on your State Representatives to support this program. It isn’t ideal; some inspections may be a bit petty while the guy across town seems to never get inspected and flagrant offenders continue to operate, but don’t loose sight of were we came from. No protection, no voice and enormous clean up costs.

That’s were my mind is these days. Let me know what is on yours. Send me an email at Thanks for the opportunity to give back to the industry that has given so much to me!

Yours truly,

Marvin Thomas, President

In Memoriam

NCALC has lost three of the industries finest since the last newsletter. We extend our deepest sympathy to the family and close friends of these fine folks. They will be sorely missed by us all.

Eddie Stephenson, owner/operator of Highland Cleaners in Fayetteville and long serving member of the NCALC Board of Directors passed away at his home Tuesday, May 11th. Condolences will reach the family at 2510 Woodwind Drive, Fayetteville, N.C. 28303.

Mrs. Julia Farrington, widow of N.S. Farrington and co-founder of N.S. Farrington and Company, where she served as secretary/treasurer for many years, passed away May 19 at the Hospice Home in High Point. Condolences will reach the family at N.S. Farrington and Company, 2355 Farrington Point Drive, Winston-Salem, N.C. 27107.

Bill Garrison, who called on many of us during his 36 years as a sales representative, for 16 years with Boggs and Company and 18 years with N.S. Farrington prior to his retirement in 2008, passed away June 6th at his home following a courageous battle with cancer. Condolences will reach the family at 6920 Rushing Road, Peachland, N.C. 28133.

Always a Pleasure….

Thanks, again, to all of you for making Holly and me feel right at home in Atlantic Beach. As usual, the venue and the weather were terrific, the program was excellent and the company was genuine – the perfect complements for some quality father/daughter time.

Special thanks: to Simon Vick, for altering his plans to pick up Holly and me from the airport in New Bern on Friday morning, and deliver us back on Monday; to Bill Sessoms, for his gift of levity and making us all laugh – every association should have a Bill; to Tom Wilson, with whom I enjoyed the first margarita of the trip; and, to Sto, Marvin, Bayard and all of the NCALC members who treat Holly and me as one of their own. Although we only get to see most of you once a year, it is always a pleasure.

Stay well, my friends. Hopefully, Holly and I shall see you, again, next year.

Dryclean Dave

A Changing of the Guard at DLI

By the time you read this the annual changing of the guard i.e. DLI Officers and Directors will have taken place at the DLI Summer Board Meeting June 26th.

Dave Silliman will become Chairman of the Board, Rick Kasperbauer will become President, Charlie Smith will move up to President Elect, Jan Barlow will assume the Office of Treasurer, Dave Beatty will move up from District 2 DCM to District 2 Director and our own Martin Young will become District 2 DCM.

Dave Beatty owner/operator of Murrysville Cleaners in Murrysville, Pennsylvania is the current president of the Pennsylvania Delaware Cleaners Association and District 2 District Committee Member. One of the original cleaners to receive the Clothing Care Council’s Award of Excellence and the first in Pennsylvania, Dave believes in utilizing every opportunity offered by DLI and PDCA to train his staff and reinforce the exceptional quality and service standards that his customers expect.

Martin L. Young Jr., owner/operator of Young Cleaners in Concord, N.C. is a second generation drycleaner, Past President of NCALC, Spotting columnist for the American Drycleaner, and DLI certified instructor who has appeared as a convention speaker and trade show presenter for the Northeast Fabricare Association, West Virginia Cleaners Association, North Carolina Association of Launderers and Cleaners and the South Eastern Fabricare Association and was the first drycleaner in the world to receive the Clothing Care Councils AOE designation.

Announcing NCALC’s New Endorsed Provider of Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card Processing/Gift Marketing and Payroll Services

North Carolina Association of Launderers & Cleaners welcomes Heartland Payment Systems as the partner to its preferred provider program. Heartland can help you manage your electronic payments processing and payroll services more efficiently and cost-effectively. The cost of card processing is a sizable and growing expense as more and more customers use credit/debit/prepaid cards instead of cash to pay for their purchases. As a NCALC member who partners with Heartland, you’ll have confidence in your card transactions, be able to leverage the power of dependable payroll, and will benefit from:

• A consultive business partner who can help you navigate the complexity of managing your card acceptance and payroll programs

• The highest level of local/personalized service in the marketplace today that has company employees versus independent contractors

• Local Face-to-Face Relationship Managers and Servicing Managers who are knowledgeable about the industries we serve

• Excellent service with Help Desk available 24/7/365

• Special NCALC members’ pricing which offers Interchange-Plus Pricing with no surcharging of Interchange and disclose all costs and fees

• Offers Technology products designed specifically for your business

• Offers online access to your account including detailed information regarding transactions, batches, ACH deposits, charge backs and month-end statements

Heartland is a founding supporter of The Merchant Bill of Rights, a public advocacy initiative that educates merchants about fair credit/debit/prepaid card processing practices Visit for more information.

Interested in saving time and money on your card processing and payroll services in addition to partnering with a reputable company with local sales and service?

Call Jolene Handysides at 704-649-7772 and mention Association Code NCALC for a free no-obligation quote or visit

NCALC's 2010 Convention in Review

Blue skies, lots of sunshine, gentle breezes, not too cold seas with afternoon temperatures in the 80’s gave convention attendees a good start on their summer tans Memorial Day weekend. The beach, pool deck, pier and Molly’s poolside bar and grill were heavily populated with cleaners, speakers, our allied trade partners and their families soaking up the sun, enjoying some excellent steamed clams, cheeseburgers and fries, cold libation and each others company.

The buzz around the pool was overwhelmingly upbeat and positive. The most often made statement was “These are the best speakers we ever had” and “The food at our evening functions is the best hotel food I have ever had.” When you combine outstanding speakers with excellent food and glorious weather for a three day weekend in a top notch hotel on the beach with excellent company you can’t ask for anything more. Add to that a great silent and live auction, fun filled evening social events and you have a brief summary of NCALC’s 104th Annual Convention.

We had some not too dignified dignitaries present; DLI President Dave Silliman and his daughter Holly, who ripped off her graduation gown in a telephone booth and raced to the airport to catch the redeye from Phoenix to New Bern with her dad to rendezvous with her nemesis Bill Sessoms; DLI CEO Bill Fisher who rode shotgun from Maryland to New Bern and then took the long way back by air; DLI District 2 Director and Treasurer from Reston, VA Charlie Smith who finally convinced us that we have to rework our installation of officer’s ceremony [We’re thinking of borrowing a teleprompter from President Obama].

Fortunately our guest speakers did add a touch of class to our activities both on and off the stage. John Zimmerman, his wife Kimberly and daughter Lucy seemed to fit right in. Norman Way, his wife Caroline and four lovely daughters Kiri, Sara, Megan and Emma will hopefully become regulars at our annual gathering. You can’t have this much fun in MAC land. Norman’s cousin Brandon Connette from California seemed like a really nice guy but since he is just getting started at Duke, where he will be quarterbacking the Blue Devil football team, the jury is still out on him. Just kidding Brandon-Welcome to North Carolina and best of luck to you and Blue Devils. Frank Kollman is one of the most interesting people I have ever talked to. His knowledge of history is as encyclopedic as his knowledge of labor and employment law. Jolene Handysides from Heartland Payment Systems, our newly endorsed credit/debit card and payroll processing endorsed provider, fit right in with the group and will be showing up at your front counter soon to introduce you to these new membership programs.

Our educational programs were truly outstanding this year. Beginning with Bill Fisher’s update and analysis of the future of solvents. The bottom line is federal and state regulations will ultimately make the use of perc impractical if not impossible and all things considered GreenEarth® is probably the best single solvent alternative at this time.

John Zimmerman and Norman Way led us on a fast paced merry chase through websites, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn with excellent examples of how Puritan Cleaners uses all of these social media tools to promote their business and drive sales. His web site is

Dryclean Dave once again use photos and photo shop (I’m sure) to dissect and denigrate your executive director prior to sharing some of the new ways he is promoting Uptown Cleaners, including teaching a class he designed at the local community college on wardrobe selection and care.

Marty Roberts from Heartland Payments Systems enlightened us on the new PCI Compliance regulations which all merchants who accept credit cards must comply with or face stiff fines and/or possible termination at their ability to accept credit cards.

Frank Kollman’s prediction of more OSHA regulations, inspections, and fines and higher fines was unwelcome news but forewarned is forearmed. His layout of our rights and advice as to how to deal with an inspection and inspector is priceless.

If you missed this year’s educational programs you missed a ton of information that can increase your profits and save your bacon. It was the strongest education program I can remember by far.

The evening social gatherings were lots of fun as always. Friday night’s family friendly Mardi Gras in May provided beads and masks for the attendees, Ziadego, Dixieland, Creole and dancing music, silent auction bidding and the Chef John Andreola’s delicious New Orleans style buffet featuring red beans and rice, Jambalaya, Crawfish Etoufee, Oyster Soufflé and Fried Chicken. Saturday night the silent auction bidding continued until 10:00p.m., for the party goers in their Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts decorated with colorful leis. The buffet featured Chef Andreola’s famous Caribbean Ribs, Steel Drum Chicken, Mahi Mahi and Boiled Shrimp.

After dinner the contests were intense and contestants intent on taking home a prize.

This year’s winners were:


Young CleanersOlder Cleaners

1. Julia Lee1. Gretchen Vick

2. William Whitfield2. Vickie Whitfield

3. Caroline Connelly3. Claire Connelly

[It’s hard to compete with a coconut bra]


Young CleanersOlder Cleaners

1. Claire Connelly1. Stephanie Zawtacki

2. Catherine Cheatham

3. Caroline Connelly3. Julia Lee


Young CleanersOlder Cleaners

1. Sydney Vick

2. Catherine Cheatham

3. Claire Connelly

Honorable mention-to many other contestants


Young CleanersOlder Cleaners

1. Caroline Connelly1.Zack Eulo

2. Claire Connelly2. Samantha Eulo

3. Jonathan Lee3. Brandon Connette

3. Ellis Thomas

Dishonorable mention:

John Zimmerman

Holly Silliman


1. Mack and Marie Davis

2. Tom Wilson and Judy Allen (originally from Charlotte)

3. Bill and Susie Sessoms

Everybody who participated hopefully got a trophy or medal to take home. The crowd really enjoyed it.

As usual our music on Saturday night was presented by our old friend and Honorary Member “The Bopper” Dave Overly from Myrtle Beach. We also had a cameo appearance from our old friend Captain Jim the magical magician and his wife Seashell who were entertaining Hotel guests around the pool, in the lobby during the day and in the courtyard at night.

Sunday evening adult attendees dressed to impress, dropped off their young cleaners at the young cleaner’s party and proceeded to the courtyard for the President’s Reception then into the ballroom for the Annual Award’s Banquet and Installation of NCALC’s newly elected Officers and Directors for 2010-2012. Once again Chef John Andreola out did himself with the succulent medium rare filets with béarnaise sauce and chicken breast topped with fresh crab and Cindy Cheatham’s vegetable plate. Several people remarked “it was the best steak I ever had.” The chef was called from the kitchen for a well deserved round of applause.

After dinner our 2009 Business Partners and 2010 Convention Sponsors were recognized for their financial support of NCALC without which we could not provide the same level of programs and services to our members. Outgoing President Simon Vick thanked the 2008-2010 Board and Committees for their dedication and support over the past two years in spite of the touch economic time we all faced in our own businesses.

He presented Presidential Citations to:

VP of Membership Bayard Crumpton in recognition of the diligent efforts of the Membership Committee in retaining and gaining new members.

VP of Member Services Wes Sessoms in recognition of their extensive search and vetting of potential candidates that resulted in the endorsement of Heartland Payment Systems as our Endorsed Provider of Credit Card and Payroll Processing Services.

Past President Mack Davis for his Herculean efforts and organizational skills in pulling together our Annual Auction this year.

President Vick then presented our guest speakers John Zimmerman, Norman Way, and Frank Kollman with certificates recognizing them as 2010 Honorary Members of NCALC in appreciation of their contribution to our Annual Convention. Dave and Holly Silliman were then called to the podium to receive certificates as Life Honorary Members of NCALC in recognition of their attendance at and contributions to our annual conventions since 2004.

Charlie Smith, DLI District 2 Director, then took the podium to install the 2010-2012 Officers and Directors. After some well chose words praising the hard work, dedication and importance of volunteer leadership “the life blood of every association” Charlie administered the oath of office to the incoming Board of Directors.

Then in a ceremony as old as our Association, President Vick called incoming President Marvin Thomas to the podium for the “Passing of the Gavel.” Incoming President Thomas accepted the gavel and thanked President Vick for his two years of service at the helm. He then presented President Vick with a special plaque commemorating his service as president, consisting of a plastic hammer attached to the unprinted side of a case of shirt boards with twist ties and hand scribed with the words: Simon P. Vick President NCALC 2008-2010 and a rubber chicken in recognition of Simon’s recent aborted efforts to feed his family by raising chickens in his backyard. After the assembly quieted down, President Vick was presented with the tradition mahogany plaque given to all outgoing Presidents and recognized for his service by a standing ovation from the assembly.

President Thomas then addressed the group, expressing his appreciation for the honor being bestowed on him and his vision for the future of NCALC.

Following a short break, Colonel Mack Davis and Colonel Bill Sessoms conducted a lively and productive live auction of items left over from the silent auction such as seven industrial mop handles thrown away by the USPS, fatigue matting and a Bob Timberlake printing and a Maytag washing machine which brought our Auction proceeds over $7,000.00 for the Convention.

All in all it was a great convention a wonderful weekend and I would be remiss if I didn’t give credit to some folks who made it happen. Jill Rogers, our Administrative Assistant, did all the pre-convention paperwork and record keeping, made the badges and registration packages, organized the files and packed the boxes.

My daughter Brandy drove me to the beach, set-up and ran the registration desk, helped with the evening functions, helped tabulate the Silent Auction, collected the Silent Auction money and item pick-up; ran the Young Cleaners Party, packed-up all our stuff and got me back to Greensboro.

Gloria Cowell, Bob and Emma Smart, Mack and Marie Davis, Bill Sessoms, Bayard Crumpton and Simon Vick helped set-up the Silent Auction and David Makepeace, Hugh Jones, Bayard Crumpton, Simon Vick and Mack Davis worked until after midnight Saturday night getting the Silent Auction accounting done so items could be claimed Sunday morning.

In addition to Gloria Cowell, Mack and Marie Davis, Bayard Crumpton, Brenda Honeycutt, Rita Foley, Sue Farrington and Marvin Thomas and others solicited items for the Auction. I’m sure I didn’t mention everyone who helped because everyone did. That’s what makes NCALC the greatest Association in the world it’s made up of the Greatest People.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give credit to the staff of the Atlantic Beach Sheraton. From top to bottom they are the best, most cooperative and accommodating folks I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Their contribution to our great weekend at Atlantic Beach is priceless.

What You Need to Know About I-9s and ICE's Serious Sanctions If Your Company is Found to be Non-Compliant

Background: NCALC members should be aware that the Department of Homeland Security has shifted its scrutiny from the illegal employee to the employer. The Obama Administration has announced this shift to further its goal of “turning off the tap” of new jobs attracting illegal immigration by seeking out and punishing the employers offering these jobs.

The enforcement arm of the Department of Homeland Security is Immigration Customs and Enforcement, known as ICE. The first place ICE looks to see if an employer is only hiring employment-authorized individuals is the company I-9s. I-9s are an employment eligibility form required to be completed within three days of hire by the employer and every new employee hired after November 6, 1986. ICE can initiate an inspection in one of two ways: by a 72 hour Notice of Inspection or by an unannounced raid.

Warning signs of ICE activity can be a Department of Labor inspection or EEOC charge, surveillance, an illegal employee being stopped for a traffic violation and providing testimony against the employer in return for immunity, wiring of a job applicant who is actually an informant, or an anonymous tip. Historically, a no-match letter from the Social Security Administration has also been an indication of ICE interest, but these letters have not been issued recently.

Fines and More

The fines for simple paperwork violations range from $110 to 1,100 per violation. A paperwork violation can be as simple as failing to date, sign or copy both sides of the I-9 – so an employer can be liable for I-9 violations even if all of its workers are US citizens!

The fines for second and third offenses go up exponentially. The worst type of sanctions take the form of large fines and/or imprisonment for “knowing” violations. These fines can be levied against the company owners, officers and managers’ personal assets. A knowing violation is hiring someone who is not employment-authorized or continuing to hire someone who was but is no longer employment-authorized.

Of particular concern is a person who was employment eligible when completing the Form I-9, but the document showing employment authorization has since expired. In this case, the employer has knowledge that the individual is not employment-authorized, yet continues to employ them, amounting to a knowing violation.

A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing

Another area of vulnerability for an employer is that of “constructive knowledge.” Constructive knowledge can be proven where an employer hires an illegal worker by accepting documentation proving identity or work authorization that is obviously flawed.

A company can also be exposed to liability by allowing an independent contractor to bring its workforce onto the employer’s premises. A common fact pattern is the company that uses a cleaning service that employs an illegal workforce. Wal-Mart entered into a settlement of $11 million for just such a scenario: by “turning a blind eye” to the fact that its cleaning contractor was employing illegal workers.

Does this mean you should be inspecting your independent contractors’ workers’ I-9? Absolutely not or you are liable for them. But you do need to review your contracts with these companies at the very least, to make sure they certify to the legality of their workforce and will indemnify your company in the event of any ICE activity. After its experience, Wal-Mart requires that its independent contractors hire an immigration attorney to do the certification as to the legality of their workforce.

You Can Be Too Careful

Faced with the possibility of draconian fines and even imprisonment, it is not illogical that a conscientious employer can overreact by becoming too involved in the employee’s part in the I-9 process. It is the employee who chooses the documentation he or she wants to present from the lists on the back of the I-9t. The employer’s overreaching might take the form of asking for certain documentation or requiring different types of documentation from some employees than from others, exposing the company to an EEOC charge of discrimination and/or prosecution by the US Department of Justice’s Office of Special Counsel.

Below are the major points to follow for a sensible I-9 policy.

I-9 Pointers

• Have a written I-9 policy and apply it consistently.

• Conduct regular internal I-9 audits.

• Use a current Form I-9 found at

• I-9s cannot be used to screen job applicants: use to confirm employment eligibility within three days of hire if hired after November 6, 1986.Keep I-9s separate from other personnel records.

• An I-9 is only complete if you copy both sides.

• Retain documentation proving identity and employment authorization for no one or everyone.

• Do not suggest to an employee which documents to present.

• Any document used to indicate employment authorization with an expiration date needs to be followed up on by completing Section 3 of the I-9 or by completing a new I-9: notify the employee between four to six months of expiration of the employment authorization document to obtain new proof of employment eligibility and complete Section 3 of the I-9.

• Remember ICE provides only 72 hour notice of inspection. If you out-source your I-9 compliance to a service provider, ensure you can get your I-9s in time to review — and make corrections as needed.

• Any changes to an existing I-9 must be done by striking through and correcting. Then you or an HR manager should initial and date those changes. Never white out. Never back date.

• You may retain I-9s on paper, microfilm, microfiche or electronically.

• If your I-9s are scanned into secure storage, destroy the paper I-9.

• If stored electronically, be sure your system has electronic signature capability allowing signatory to attest to I-9 information and generate printed confirmation record.

• Know the required I-9 retention period: 3 years from date of hire or 1 year after employment ends, whichever is longer.Know your independent contractor: review your contract with it, not its I-9s.

• Train your managers to know the difference between independent contractors and employees and treat accordingly.

• If your company acquires another company, you may use the previous owner’s I-9s but you are responsible for any mistakes in them.

Jennifer Parser, an experienced immigration attorney with the firm of Poyner Spruill LLP, would be happy to answer any questions you have about your I-9 issues. She can be reached at or 919-783-2955.

Convention Auction Donors Thanked

152 Items contributed by 35 individuals and companies purchased by convention attendees in the silent and live auctions from Friday through Sunday nights will help NCALC maintain our operation and outreach programs in 2010. Silent auction bidding goes on during Friday and Saturday night’s family friendly social affairs with body boards, kites, sand buckets, bubble sticks and other beach toys going fast on Friday night for use on Saturday and Sunday. The silent auction closes on Saturday night so items can be claimed on Sunday morning and the ballroom can be reset for Sunday night when the live auction closes the Convention Activities.


Mack and Marie Davis-Medlin Davis Cleaners

Steve and Charisse Lassiter-Southern Laundry

David, Ken and Sue Farrington-N.S. Farrington

Keith and Gloria Cowell-Cowell’s Cleaners

Larry Lieberman-B&G Lieberman

Sunny (Smith) Houchins-Life Honorary Member

Tom Wilson-American Cleaners

Ron Provencal-R.R. Streets

Greg Johnston-Southern Cleaners

Sto Fox-Fox Cleaners

Greg Icenhour-Shield Engineering

George Watkins-Rose Oil Co.

Sam Watkins-Rose Oil Co.

Bill Sessoms-Quality Services

Harold Smith-UNX

Jimmy Lee-Jones Cleaners

Rita Foley-White Star Laundry and Regency Cleaners

Bayard Crumpton-Nuway Cleaners

Billy Kincaid-Consolidated Laundry Equipment Co.

Chris Edwards-Consolidated Laundry Equipment Co.

John Zimmerman-eRocketFuel

Lamar Thomas-T&L Equipment Company

George Smith-Smith Brothers Chemical Co.

David Knight-Kreussler

Jeff Miller-Miller’s Fine Drycleaning

Kevin Lawson-Tri State Laundry Equipment Co.

Wes Sessoms-Brocks Cleaners

Tom, Tommy and Welby Rouse-W.C. Rouse & Son

Scott Gribben-Phenix Supply

Billy Whitfield-Exclusive Cleaners

Jim Hilker-Hilker’s Cleaners

Tom and Bob Hilker-Brothers Cleaners




Atlantic Beach Sheraton


Minutes of the General Membership Meeting. May 29, 2010

Atlantic Beach Sheraton, Atlantic Beach, NC

The General Membership Meeting was called to order by President Simon Vick at 9:00 am on Saturday May 29th, 2010 at Atlantic Beach Sheraton, Atlantic Beach, N.C.

A motion made (Marvin Thomas) and seconded (Chris Edwards) to accept the Minutes of 2009 Annual Meeting and by voice vote the minutes were approved as published in the June 2009 issue of Carolina Clean.

Treasurer Larry Hill reported that NCALC finances and financial records to be in good shape. The report was approved by voice vote made by (Marvin Thomas) and seconded (Mack Davis). The Treasurer announced that copies of 2009 Financial Statements and Tax Return were available for review by anyone who did not get the opportunity to do so at the Board Meeting.

NEW BUSINESS: The Nominating Committee reported that they recommended the following slate of officers and directors for the 2010-2012 term:

President - Marvin Thomas

President Elect - Larry Hill

VP Governmental Affairs- Chris Edwards

VP Membership - Tom Volk

VP Member Services - Bayard Crumpton

Secretary - Wes Sessoms

Treasurer - Jimmy Lee

Sergeant at ArmsBill Sessoms

District 1 DirectorChuck Williamson

District 2 DirectorAllan Cheatham

District 3 DirectorBrenda Honeycutt

District 4 DirectorHugh Jones

District 5 DirectorRoger Routh

District 6 DirectorCookie Patel

District 7 DirectorTom Wilson

Directors at Large

Al Cardenas, Patrick Cardenas. Ken Farrington, Rita Foley, Tom Gosselin, Rick Kane, Billy Kincaid, Charisse Lassiter, Bob Smart, John Thomas, Bart Williams, Billy Whitfield, Rich Volk, Cathy Richardson, Edwina Johnston, Wes Brunson, David Knight, Young Bang

Mack Davis nominated David Makepeace as a Director at Large. A motion was made (Mack Davis) and seconded (Marvin Thomas) to accept the nomination which was approved by voice vote.

A motion was made (Mac Davis) and seconded (Bayard Crumpton) to accept the nominations for the Officers and Directors for the term 2010-2012 by acclamation. The motion was unanimously approved by voice vote.

It was noted that the Allied Trades had selected Kevin Lawson to serve as the Allied Trades Representative & Simon Vick will serve as Immediate Past President.

There being no further business. On a motion made (Mack Davis) and seconded (Chris Edwards) the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted, Tom Volk, Secretary

Legislative/Regulatory Fund Supporters


Chris Edwards• A Cleaner World• $1,000

Bob Smart• Botek, Inc.• $300

Jimmy Lee• Jones Dry Cleaners• $1,000

Mack DavisMedlin Davis Cleaners• $1,000

Jeff Tyburski• Mid-Atlantic Associates• $350

Jeff Miller• Miller’s Fine Drycleaning• $1,000

David and Ken Farrington• N.S. Farrington & Co.• $300

Brenda Honeycutt• Plaza Dry Cleaners• $1,000

Yates Hazelhurst• Springfresh Cleaners• $600

Marvin Thomas• Swannanoa Cleaners• $1,000

Simon Vick• Vicks Cleaners• $700

Rita Foley• White Star/Regency• $1,000

Total         $9,251

With the legislature in session and the budget under review it’s important for us to keep our lawyer/lobbyist Henry Jones on the job to protect the DSCA Fund which is an attractive target for legislators trying to fund other environmentally related projects in their districts that are not related to dry-cleaning solvent contamination. He has already headed off one attempt to divert $50,000 to another project this session.

If you haven’t made your pledge or contribution to the 2010 NCALC Legislative/Regulatory Fund.

New and Renewing Members

New Members

Mo Patel

Steves Cleaners


Renewing Members

James Baddour

Olmsted Cleaners


Brenda Honeycutt

Plaza Dry Cleaners

Chapel Hill

Leila Helmes

Elite Cleaners


Young Bang

One Hour Koretizing


Mark Sugg

Tops Cleaners


Bob Pressly

Presslys Laundry


Patrick Cardenas

Cliffdale Cleaners


John Kim

Kims Alterations/Dry Cleaning


Lou Rosen

US Cleaner


Martin Young

Youngs Cleaners


Chris/Patsy McGee

Rochelle Cleaners Inc.

Elizabeth City

Sto Fox

Fox Cleaners


Jay Nicholls

The Cleaners


Mark Dry

Dun Rite Laundry and Cleaners Inc.


Bill Ford

Carriage Fine Dry Cleaning


Larry Hill

Dandy Drycleaners and Laundry


Cathleen Richardson

Princess Cleaners


Chris Edwards

ACW Management Corp

High Point

Buddy Glover

Wilkes Hourglass Cleaners Inc.

N Wilkesboro

Melinda Hoots

Crystal Cleaners and Laundry


Marsha Ivey

Magic Cleaners LLC


Kishan Desai

Morrisville Dry Cleaners


J L Miller

Millers Laundry and Cleaners


Terri Lemmond

One Hour Cleaners of Laurinburg Inc


Thomas Hilker

Brothers Cleaners


Adria Robbins

Oakland Cleaners

Roanoke Rapids

Denny Shaffer



John Kim

Ballantyne Cleaners


Karen Rodgers

Old Edwards Laundry and Dry Cleaning


Richard Whitnell

Bessemer Cleaners


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