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A Message from Our President

We Are NCALC! Now!

The dry cleaning industry in our great state of North Carolina is indeed a very diverse group of individuals all pulling together to provide quality garment and textile cleaning for our neighbors, towns, cities and government. That’s what we do.

HOW we do it has become the difference between surviving and succeeding.

Do we specialize in production? Or do we focus on marketing? Are we working for our employees? Or are we retail specialists? Which hat do we need to put on today…….

That’s where THIS Association steps in. In this quickly changing social environment, it is hard to keep up with what we Have to do and what we Need to do. Information and communication is critical in our ability to succeed in this industry today.

Partnering with NCALC and in turn with DLI provides the necessary information and channels of communication that can help us move forward and embrace the changes we are experiencing. And this change will keep coming.

Changes in fashion, employee pay and benefits, government regulations, environmental mandates, equipment efficiency, solvents, technology, just to name a few, are hitting us daily. And if you haven’t noticed, we have moved quickly into an environment of “NOW”. I need it NOW, I want it NOW.

NCALC is here for you NOW!  As a leader in the Fabricare industry in North Carolina, your membership provides you with information and training necessary to grow and succeed. On January 7th , we are having a pressing /inspections seminar presented by Sandra Harralson. Our upcoming Board Meetings, open to all members, are great avenues of networking, education and fun. We are working towards District meetings in the Spring in order to bring NCALC to your neck of the woods, full of current information, environmental cleanup and legislation news, and the latest in Fabricare trends. 

As a member of NCALC, you are automatically a member of DLI. But what does that mean??? In September, Alan Hargis, our Vice President of Membership and I were treated by DLI to a meeting at their facility in Maryland along with members from all over the United States. It was an opportunity for DLI to partner with all the members and search for ways to improve our partnership. For me as a dry cleaner, it was an eye opener into the myriad of tools available to our companies that are included with our current membership. Right there for the taking…if we only take the time to utilize them. Technical advice, Networking, Marketing tools, Education and Certification, Quality Control, Industry Knowledge: all included in our monthly dues. The higher your level of service, the more services and benefits you gain. It’s just that simple.

NOW is the time to become active in our Association. NOW is the time to renew your enthusiasm in this great and diverse industry. With the guidance of our new Executive Director, Paul Goodson, NCALC is happening NOW for you! Are you going to survive or succeed?

Rita Foley

President, NCALC

NCALC Welcomes Executive Director Paul Goodson

Paul Goodson has been named Executive Director of the North Carolina Association of Launderers and Cleaners (NCALC).

Taking action during its September 24 meeting at the Graylyn International Conference Center in Winston-Salem, the NCALC Board of Directors voted to appoint Paul Goodson as the new Executive Director for the association, succeeding Fred Miller who is retiring.

Current President Rita Foley (Regency Cleaners & White Star Cleaners, Durham, NC) commented: “We are very fortunate to have someone of Goodson’s experience and stature in the association management community serving as our chief executive officer, and we look forward to the leadership he will bring to NCALC.” In accepting his new appointment, Goodson said “I am very excited to be working with the members and partners of NCALC to protect and promote the fabricare industry in North Carolina.”

Goodson brings extensive management experience in associations, business, and industry. For 20+ years, he has served as the chief staff executive for professional and trade associations operating on an international and regional basis, leading and managing their diverse activities including planning, operations, business development, finance, member relations, conferences, publishing, and public affairs. Goodson’s past experience includes service as CEO for Professional Engineers of North Carolina, Managing Director for the Automation Federation, and President & CEO for the Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance.

Working through his company, The Goodson Group, LLC, he currently provides on-going executive leadership and management services for client organizations and engages in selected consulting projects.

Goodson is active in professional and community activities, and has served on numerous boards. He is a past president of the Association Executives of North Carolina, and is currently Chairman Emeritus of the North Carolina Executive Roundtable. He holds the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of North Carolina. Goodson, a native of North Carolina, graduated from North Carolina State University. He and his wife Martha make their home in the Research Triangle area.

Goodson assumed his new role with NCALC during October and he can be reached by email at or by phone at 919-313-4542.

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Not In Vogue (NIV) - This print bulletin series explains problems with high-end garments that do not stand up to the recommended cleaning process. Where TABS identifies general issues that can take place in cleaning, NIV targets specific garments. This bulletin series is the predecessor to the electronic Heads Up! for this Problem Garment Alerts.

Heads Up! for This Problem Garment - This email newsletter provides information similar to, but not the same as, Not In Vogue bulletins. Since it is delivered by email our technical experts are able to share information about problem garments more quickly.

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Legislative & Regulatory - This series focuses on the changes in the legal landscape that affect your business.

Wetcleaning Procedures - Wetcleaning is totally different immersion process from drycleaning. Specific tips are provided on how to process items using wetcleaning equipment.

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