North Carolina Association of Launderers and Cleaners

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Our Values


We will do the right thing, be honest and fair in our dealings with each other and the public, and deserving of the trust of others.


We will be examples and encourage others to strive for excellence and advocate for and serve the greater good in our actions.


We gain strength, momentum and support in our business, families, and our association by the collective deliberation of all participants.


We understand that learning (gaining knowledge) is a life-long, every day requirement for continuous improvement in each of our local businesses.


We approach our industry which is our livelihood, with contagious enthusiasm, excitement, and devotion to our membership, our employees, customers, and communities.

These five one-word values were adopted by the NCALC Board of Directors during their regularly scheduled meeting held in Pinehurst, NC on January 28, 2017. The associated comments were subsequently added to help explain how these values guide our organization, leadership, and members.

President’s Message

What Are We Looking For?

How much time do you spend every day looking for something? Or someone? The simple things like our keys, or our wallets…. or the ever disappearing cell phone. On our way in to work we should be looking at the road, but we find ourselves looking inward…to our schedule that day, or the calls we have to make, the bills we have to pay or the emails we have to answer.

What were we looking for when we said “I DO” to the drycleaners, and became happily ever after running our business. Or is our business running us? Do we start the day off with a smile, and a spring in our step that TODAY, everything is going to run smoothly, and there will be no extra challenges facing us? As we open that Boiler room door, we look in and see that new steam leak. Wait, where is the manual…let me go look for it. We call out to Johnny to let the front end person know that we can’t take in any more cleaning for today… Johnny, Johnny, where are you? On and on it goes so that by lunch, we are looking for an additional 5 hours in the day to accomplish what we intended to do. Sound familiar? Life is a confusing journey. It is filled with questions. I t is a road with no GPS. A manual that you can’t find, no matter how hard you look. As a business owner, it is our job to face the questions, the fears, and look for the answers. NCALC / DLI can help you with those answers.

As members of our state wide Association of Launderers and Cleaners, we all face the same challenges and steam leaks. We spend our days looking for the answers and solutions to the daily twists and turns that working in a drycleaners can bring. Our added advantage is a group of experienced, enthusiastic business people who are energized by growing and experiencing advancement in our business and our lives. We look to NCALC and DLI for information, training and most importantly a peer group to interact with within our Fabricare industry.

As President of this wonderful Association, I am looking forward to our Annual Convention on Memorial Day Weekend at Wrightsville Beach. It will be a time to renew old friendships, make new friends and learn something about our industry that will help move my business forward. As I look forward in my career, I constantly question my choices and decisions as they create our destiny. Success is not fate or luck… it is based on our choices and our mindset. Are you making the right choices in your business? Look to NCALC / DLI to help you find the answers.

Rita Foley

President, NCALC

North Carolina Association of Launderers and Cleaners

2017 NCALC Annual Convention

Blockade Runner Resort

Wrightsville Beach, NC

May 26-29, 2017

Join your colleagues, friends, and families for the Annual Convention of the North Carolina Association of Launderers and Cleaners (NCALC) being held this year at the Blockade Runner Resort at Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Who: NCALC members and non-members alike are encouraged to register and participate in these meetings and to invite their colleagues in the Fabricare Industry to join us.

What: NCALC members and non-members will be coming to this annual event which will feature educational sessions, the 111th annual membership meeting, vendor displays, several group social events, and lots of opportunity for everyone to enjoy fellowship and the recreational activities of the beach. In addition to the activities at the convention headquarters, Blockade Runner Resort, we will hold our Saturday evening reception and banquet at the highly rated Bluewater Waterfront Grill nearby.

Annual Meeting: President Rita Foley will preside over the annual meeting featuring key leaders of the association providing updates on how NCALC is working to promote and support the Fabricare Industry in North Carolina.

Educational Program: Our educational program will include speakers on issues affecting businesses in the Fabricare Industry and best practices for addressing those issues for your business. Sessions include:

Optimizing Route Operations To Develop Business with James

Christman (Starchup), Personal Protective Equipment - How To Stay Protected with Consultant Patrick daSilva, How Drycleaners Can Become Invincible to Lawsuits & Save Thousands in Taxes with Larry Oxenham (American Society for Asset Protection), and Preventing And Mitigating Losses From Unexpected Disasters.

Social Activities: In addition to the networking opportunities around the meetings and fun times at the beach, this convention will feature three different group dinner functions.

Friday evening, a Shrimperoo is planned for the whole family and friends on the lawn of the Blockade Runner.

Saturday evening adults will travel to the nearby Bluewater Waterfront Grill for our President’s Reception and Banquet. Kids will have a Young Cleaners Party of their own.

Finally, our Memorial Day weekend would not be complete without our Sunday evening cookout on the lawn of the Resort. At the cookout, we will also hold a new and improved raffle to raise funds for our Scholarship Program.

Convention Registration: Advance registration for the convention is strongly recommended. Discounts are available for NCALC members.

Hotel Accommodations: We have arranged a block of rooms for our group with special pricing of $225 for Harborfront and $260 for Oceanfront rooms. Room rates are subject to local sales and occupancy tax and a $35/night charge will apply per adult (age 13 and over) over two per room. A three-night stay is required for this holiday weekend. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Our room block and pricing are available until May 5. After that date, rooms not reserved will be released from our block back to the hotel for general sales. To make your reservations, call the Blockade Runner Resort directly at 800-541-1161 and tell them you are with the NCALC group.