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NCALC to Meet In Asheville
The NCALC Board of Directors will be holding its next regular meeting at the Renaissance Asheville Hotel in  Asheville, North Carolina on Saturday, September 30, 2017. In conjunction with this regular business meeting of the Board, a Dutch-treat dinner social for all members and friends of NCALC is being planned for Friday evening, September 29.
Mark your calendars and begin now making your plans  to attend. As plans are completed other details will be posted to our web site (


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Our Values


We will do the right thing, be honest and fair in our dealings with each other and the public, and deserving of the trust of others.


We will be examples and encourage others to strive for excellence and advocate for and serve the greater good in our actions.


We gain strength, momentum and support in our business, families, and our association by the collective deliberation of all participants.


We understand that learning (gaining knowledge) is a life-long, every day requirement for continuous improvement in each of our local businesses.


We approach our industry which is our livelihood, with contagious enthusiasm, excitement, and devotion to our membership, our employees, customers, and communities.

These five one-word values were adopted by the NCALC Board of Directors during their regularly scheduled meeting held in Pinehurst, NC on January 28, 2017. The associated comments were subsequently added to help explain how these values guide our organization, leadership, and members.

President’s Message

Convention Wrap Up

Memorial Day is much more than just a three-day weekend and a chance to get the year’s first sunburn. It is also a chance to enjoy good friends, excellent programs and wonderful food. That’s just what happened this past Memorial Day at the Blockade Runner in Wrightsville Beach, NC, at our annual NCALC Convention. We couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather or a more enjoyable venue.

We switched up the schedule to allow us more outside  time with our fellow drycleaners, allied trades and program speakers. It was a perfect Friday evening outside on the lawn at our Seafood Buffet. It was easy to mingle about and speak with all our friends, catch up on family happenings and just enjoy the beach atmosphere.

Saturday evening we held our President’s Dinner and  Reception offsite at the Bluewater Waterfront Grill. The view of the harbor was a pleasant addition to an excellent meal. Sunday evening, we had a Memorial Day cookout on the lawn at the Blockade and held a Raffl e to support the association and our scholarship fund. The prizes at the raffl e were top notch, and fun was had by all.

We invited our program speakers to join us for the  weekend. This gave us all a chance to get to know them and their families in addition to more time for conversation about their services. James Christman representing Starchup, Patrick da Dilva speaking on Personal Protective Equipment and his lovely wife Kristen and son Liam, and David Barber representing Barber Insurance Agency and his talented wife Lindsey, were warmly welcomed at all of our social events. Larry Oxenham with Asset Protection had to leave after his presentation. In addition to our program speakers, we were delighted to have Mary Scalco, CEO of DLI join us for a couple of days. Mary had some new and exciting programs to share with us that DLI has been working hard on to benefit the dry cleaning industry. As a member of NCALC,

you are automatically a member of DLI. Depending on your membership level, you can take advantage of new  Apps that bring spotting techniques right to your phone, The Encyclopedia of Dry Cleaning App that brings volumes of information right to your phone, and help with your Facebook page.

The excellent programs at our convention were the  result of the hard work of Patrick Collins and David Makepeace in making our educational sessions a centerpiece of the convention. I cannot say thank you enough to Paul Goodson, his wife Martha and daughters Kathryn Wright and husband David, and Elizabeth Goodson. This is the fi rst convention for NCALC that Paul has attended, much less organized, and his organizational skills, expertise and professionalism shone through. Paul is certainly an asset to NCALC, and will continue to lead us in growth as an organization.

Most importantly of all, the convention would not  be possible without the fantastic support of our Allied Trades. Your generosity makes possible our educational sessions, meals and fun. A big Thank You to Consolidated Laundry Equipment, EZ Products International, Inc., Fabricare Systems, LLC, Fabriclean Supply, Fabritec International, Gurtler Industries, Kreussler, Inc., NS Farrington Company, Poyner Spruill LLP, Spot Business Systems, LLC, Tri-State Laundry Equipment Company, and U.N.X. Incorporated. Not only have your industries continued to support NCALC and drycleaners in NC, but the relationships we have built with you and your families are priceless.

I am honored to be beginning my second term as President of NCALC. Thank you for the privilege of serving in this capacity. NCALC has been a key element in my involvement in the Dry Cleaning Industry. The opportunities that have been afforded me and the friendships I have made are invaluable. Involvement is the key to success….I hope you feel the same! See you out there!

Rita Foley, President

NCALC to Meet In Asheville

The NCALC Board of Directors will be holding its next regular meeting at the Renaissance Asheville Hotel in  Asheville, North Carolina on Saturday, September 30, 2017. In conjunction with this regular business meeting of the Board, a Dutch-treat dinner social for all members and friends of NCALC is being planned for Friday evening, September 29.

Mark your calendars and begin now making your plans  to attend. As plans are completed other details will be posted to our web site (

DSCA Marks Twentieth Anniversary

On August 14th, 1997, Governor James B. Hunt signed  the Dry-Cleaning Solvent Cleanup Act (DSCA) into law. This law began with an insurance mandate and was later amended to direct 60% of the cleaning industry’s sales tax to fund a risk-based cleanup program. The program provided for investigating and cleaning up contaminated dry cleaning and wholesale solvent distribution sites. These activities helped protect human health and the  environment and the information gathered in the process helped property owners make sound environmental and real-estate decisions.

The concept of the North Carolina clean-up law can be  traced back to a 1995 national meeting of leading dry cleaners, to discuss strategies for dealing with Superfund issues. Like many other small businesses, dry cleaners faced severe penalties for contamination that occurred through little to no fault of their own. When a proposed national strategy met with significant opposition from Capitol Hill legislators and regulators, a state-by-state strategy was deemed a more appropriate approach. After much discussion of various options to deal with these issues, the North Carolina Association of Launderers and Cleaners (NCALC) Board of Directors concluded their objective would be to “Stop actions and suits relative to Superfund that will bankrupt Dry Cleaners of North Carolina”.

They felt this would require “favorable legislation that would transfer the liability for cleanup from the dry cleaner to the state fund, meet environmentalists concerns by cleaning up contaminated sites, and to collect and disburse clean-up and administration.” NCALC established an Environmental Task force to work on these issues. A law firm was retained to draft and lobby for a new law. Meetings were held across the state to gather input and support from dry cleaners for the proposal.

Introduction of the bill was tried in 1996, but it did not  advance in part due to concerns from the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (the predecessor agency to the Department of Environmental Quality.) Work continued into 1997, and after gaining a favorable recommendation from the Environmental Review Commission (made up of state legislators), the bill was re-introduced. Another round of meetings was held around the state to communicate with the Dry Cleaners of North Carolina. The hard work of the Task Force and the individual dry cleaners who contacted their representatives in Raleigh was rewarded with the North Carolina Dry-Cleaning Solvent Cleanup Act of 1997 being passed and signed into law.

Since the inception of the North Carolina DSCA cleanup  program, 394 sites have petitioned and been accepted into the cleanup program. Sixty-eight of those contaminated sites have been issued no further action status and another thirty-nine are currently pending no further action closure.

Peter L. Doorn, Special Remediation Branch Head, Division of Waste Management, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) recently commented: “the DSCA Program has been successful from numerous perspectives…strong and continued collaboration between industry and the agency…development of a true riskbased cleanup program…multi-regulatory (multi-media) compliance assistance and oversight…successful cleanup and redevelopment of many properties…nationally recognized state dry-cleaning program for remediation and compliance.”

The DSCA law is scheduled to sunset June 30, 2020. Recognizing the importance of continuing the DSCA program, NCALC recently issued a letter to NC DEQ indicating full support of reauthorizing the Dry-cleaning Solvent Cleanup Act (DSCA) through 2030. In considering the proposed extension, Chris Edwards, NCALC VP Government  Relations, commented “we look forward to continuing to work with the Department as we share a common goal of protecting our environment and sustaining our state’s economic stability.” NCALC has been assured that the NC Legislature will consider re-authorization in the short session of 2018-19.

It is exciting to see the progress made over the past 20 years of the DSCA program, and the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Association of Launderers and Cleaners appreciate the support of our industry in making this the best Dry Cleaning Clean-up program in the United States.